One-to-one mindfulness sessions are ideal for you if you haven't got the time to attend a weekly mindfulness course, you cannot commit to weekly classes or you would like individual attention and guidance.

You can acquire all the knowledge and skills that you would gain from the 6 week course, or these sessions can be tailored to your interests, needs and priorities.

You can request to learn at a beginner's, intermediate or advanced level.

It is best to call Dawn to discuss your aspirations.  Tel: 07808 182898 or email Dawn.

You can book your first one-to-one mindful session and if you book a package of 6 sessions, your first session will be refunded to you.



Further Information on One-to-One Mindfulness Sessions

What Can I Learn in these Sessions?


  • You will learn how to train your mind to stay in the present moment, rather than ruminating about what has happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. This key skill brings a sense of peace and stillness to the mind.


  • You can learn how to observe your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses and sensations with acceptance and kindness, and over time, develop the ability to see thoughts as mental phenomena. This can give you a sense of freedom.


  • You can experience the power of mindful attitudes such as letting be, letting go and acceptance and will learn how to apply these attitudes to open up new options in your life.


  • You can learn how to practise formal mindfulness meditation, which will be a powerful lifelong skill which you can use anywhere, anytime.


  • You can learn how to apply mindfulness to everyday activities such as eating and walking so that you can practise mindfulness even when you can’t find the time to sit down and meditate.


  • You can learn how to respond to difficult thoughts, emotions, impulses and situations so that whatever life throws at you, whether it’s the dirty dishes or a difficult encounter, you can use mindfulness to manage your stress response.


  • You can learn about the helpful and less helpful tendencies of the brain and how to tune into the wisdom of your body.


  • You will learn how to nourish yourself and be self-compassionate.


  • You can learn how to process difficult memories and emotions so that they can be integrated healthily, rather than being avoided or pushed away out of consciousness, where they can linger and remain unresolved.

What Will We Do in Each Session? 

In each 75 minute session, we will explore a theme and practise a number of mindfulness meditations.


The theme might be based on what you are experiencing or can be recommended by the teacher. To give you a flavour of the themes, here are a few below:


  • Breaking out of the 'automatic pilot'.

  • Taming and training the mind to stay in the present moment.

  • Stepping back from thoughts and worries.

  • How to deal with difficult emotions.


Every week you will learn and practise one or more mindfulness meditations such as:


  • Mindfulness of Body and Breath

  • The Body Scan

  • The 3-Minute Emergency Breathing Space

  • Mindfulness of Everyday activities

Is there any Home Learning? 

As the benefits of mindfulness build up over weeks, we encourage you to do your best to complete the set mindfulness meditations as best you can, on a daily basis.   To get the maximum benefit:

  • Practise the mindfulness meditations you learn with Dawn once/twice a day.

  • Complete any set tasks during the week.