Next Mindfulness Course at 

St. Andrew's Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing, W5 2RS (5 mins walk from Ealing Broadway Central & District Line Tubes and Main Line Station)

Six consecutive Thursdays 6.15pm to 7.45pm.

Starting Thursday 19th April, 2018.

Why Take This Course?


1. This course was developed by Oxford University, and has been scientifically researched to show the following benefits: 

  • Ability to live more in the present moment

  • Improved, attention, focus and working memory

  • Reduced worrying/rumination

  • Improved mood

  • Reductions in stress, anxiety and recurrence of depression

  • Increased awareness of self and others 

  • Boosted immune function & better sleep

  • Less critical and kinder to self

  • Ability to bring mindfulness to every day work and home life activities

2. The teacher has trained at Oxford University to deliver this course. 


3. Normally a course like this costs approximately £250.00 but has been reduced to improve access.

4. Normally the course would be eight weeks in duration and the sessions 2 hours long, but this course has been designed specifically to be more accessible to busy individuals.

​5. It will be a small group of approximately 16 participants so that you can be assured of individual attention.

Here is a testimonial:

​Fabulous course. It has really had an impact on my life. I worry and beat myself up less, sleep better and feel a joy for life I haven't had for many years.  People at work have noticed and commented!

Laura, teacher & mum | Ealing, London.

What's the Price?

  • £195.00  



What are the Dates?

  • Six Thursdays starting 19/04/18.

  • Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

  • Dates: 19/04/18 | 26/04/18 | 03/05/18 | 10/05/18| 17/05/18| 24/05/18.

Will I Need to Do Anything/Bring Anything?

  • There will be a short pre-course questionnaire to complete once you book.

  • There is approximately 20 minutes home practise mindfulness meditation every day for the duration of the course.

  • Sometimes there will be short tasks to complete (for example take note of pleasant experiences; walk mindfully).  

  • There is a book that is included in the price of the course and accompanies the course. Reading this is optional.

  • It is important to feel comfortable so feel free to bring a blanket, cushion etc.


How can I book?

You can book by pressing the "Buy Now" button below.  The price is £195.00. 

Further Information About the 6 Week Mindfulness Course

Who is The Teacher/Is She Qualified to Teach This?  


Dawn Green BA (Hons), PGCE, PG Cert Counselling & Guidance, Diploma in Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy

TTR1 MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) & TTR2 Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training, Bangor University.

Your teacher has been practising mindfulness for over a decade. She originally learnt mindfulness in ashrams in India and has subsequently completed teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. She has attended Oxford University in how to deliver this course effectively.​​ Dawn is also an accredited mindfulness teacher for Mindfulness in Schools and The Compassion and Empathy in Society Organisation.


What is the Aim of the Course? 

The aim of the course is to equip you with the skills and practise to:


  • Deal with difficult thoughts, moods and impulses

  • Alleviate stress, anxiety and low mood.

  • Boost mental and physical wellbeing

  • Bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life.

What will I Learn on this Mindfulness Course?


  • You will learn how to train your mind to stay in the present moment, rather than ruminating about what has happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. This key skill brings a sense of peace and stillness to the mind.


  • You will learn how to observe your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses and sensations with acceptance and kindness, and over time, develop the ability to see thoughts as mental phenomena. This can give you a sense of freedom.


  • You will experience the power of mindful attitudes such as letting be, letting go and acceptance and will learn how to apply these attitudes to open up new options in your life.


  • You will learn how to practise formal mindfulness meditation, which will be a powerful lifelong skill which you can use anywhere, anytime.


  • You will learn how to apply mindfulness to everyday activities such as eating and walking so that you can practise mindfulness even when you can’t find the time to sit down and meditate.


  • You will learn how to respond to difficult thoughts, emotions, impulses and situations so that whatever life throws at you, whether it’s the dirty dishes or a difficult encounter, you can use mindfulness to manage your stress response.


  • You will learn about the helpful and less helpful tendencies of the brain and how to tune into the wisdom of your body.


  • You will learn how to nourish yourself and be self-compassionate.


  • You will learn how to process difficult memories and emotions so that they can be integrated healthily, rather than being avoided or pushed away out of consciousness, where they can linger and remain unresolved.

What Will We Do in Each Session?

Each week we will explore a theme and practise a number of mindfulness meditations.

To give you a flavour, some of the weekly themes are:


  • Breaking out of the Automatic Pilot

  • Stepping Back from Thoughts and Worries

  • Dealing with Difficulties


Some of the mindfulness meditations you will learn are:


  • Mindfulness of Body and Breath

  • The Body Scan

  • The 3-Minute Emergency Breathing Space

  • Mindful Eating, walking and stretching

What Will the Course Involve? 

Sitting on chairs OR on meditation cushions, lying down and gentle stretching. But if you prefer to do all the activities seated, that is also fine.  Many people do everything seated in chairs.


Is the Course Suitable For Everyone? 

The course may not be suitable for some people.  If for example you have recently been diagnosed with depression, are suffering from a diagnosed mental illness such as schizophrenia, psychosis or manic depression are feeling suicidal or have had a recent bereavement, it might be best to discuss your suitability confidentially with the course tutor.  Contact Dawn for an informal and confidential chat.