What is Mindful Coaching?


Mindful coaching is holistic. It looks at how your mind works, the mind/body connection and incorporates teachings passed down from ancient times to help you capitalise on centuries of collective wisdom. It also gives you the practical tools that will help you improve your mental health, happiness levels and relationships. These sessions are particularly powerful because your coach will combine her experience and skills in mindfulness with CBT, brief-solution focused therapy, relaxation and hypnotherapy to help you transform yourself and your life.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful way to move forward in an area of your life that has been holding you back. 

The underlying philosophy behind coaching is that we all have within us the resources and skills we need for achieving our life goals. Sometimes it needs an expert and experienced guide to help draw out these resources and facilitate the positive change that you want to see. 

Your coach will help you reach clarity on what it is that you really want that will bring you greater life satisfaction and wellbeing.Your coach will empower and motivate you and keep you accountable for reaching your goals.

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy? 

While coaching and psychotherapy share some similarities, they are two very distinct practices. A therapist will help resolve problems by focusing on your past. A life coach on the other hand, will be solution focused and will deal with the present and focus on your desired future.

Book your first one-hour coaching session, and if you decide to buy a package of 6 sessions, your first session, will be refunded to you.