PG Certificate Counselling & Guidance,

Diploma Brief Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy,

Teacher Trainings 1 & 2 in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy,

Bangor University.

Mindfulness Courses in London

Dawn believes in the transformative power of pure Mindfulness, but can combine CBT, Hypnosis, Solution-focused brief therapy, Positive Psychology and Relaxation to provide unique, tailored, powerful interventions for you.

I originally trained as a secondary school teacher but soon found I had a passion for helping individuals overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their full potential, so I trained in the use of therapeutic interventions to help young people in educational settings overcome problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, school phobia, anger, lack of confidence and panic attacks etc.


As I entered more senior roles in education, I began to train teachers and mentors in how to use a range of techniques taken from counselling, solution-focused brief therapy, hypnotherapy, and CBT to help young people reach their potential and improve their wellbeing.  

I was always on the look out for powerful evidence-based approaches that I could pass on to educational professionals, so when I discovered that the research on mindfulness was showing that it actually changed the structure and function of the brain, I was very excited.

In 2005, I decided to travel to India to participate in a mindfulness retreat.  I was experiencing a lot of stress from my job and hoped that the retreat might help me cope better with it. However, to my amazement, I found that mindfulness healed me on a deeper level than anything I had ever experienced. Mindfulness not only helped me cope better with a busy life and stressful career, it gave me a wiser way of looking at life, a whole toolkit of skills to use to manage difficult emotions and a bone deep joy for life that I had lost many years prior.

This experience prompted me to understand mindfulness at a professional level. On my return to the UK, I undertook extensive study of mindfulness, then teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and since then, I have been furthering my training, knowledge and skills around what helps people flourish.


I now train adults and professionals in mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.  I am also an accredited trainer for The Mindfulness in Schools Project and deliver mindfulness training to teachers, educational professionals and young people aged 11 -18 years old.


BA 2:1 (Hons), 
Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling & Guidance.
Diploma in Brief, Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.
Teacher Training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Bangor Uni.
Accredited trainer for Mindfulness in Schools – Professionals and Young People.
Accredited trainer for Empathy & Compassion in Society.


The Mayor of Camden

Westminster City Council
NHS Healthwatch
Alperton Academy

Camden Local Authority
Fortismere High School