Meditation is an ancient technique used to still the mind and develop concentration.  Meditation can involve the use of anything as an object of concentration such as the flame of a candle, a word or sentence repeated over and over. Meditation induces alpha and theta brain waves associated with feelings of peace and contentment.

Why Meditate in a Group? 

Meditating alone brings many benefits but meditating with people in a group is a supportive and powerful experience.  At the Sunshine Hub we love meditating with people.


What is the Difference between Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation? 

Mindfulness meditation begins with the type of concentration meditation described above, but it also develops something called ‘insight’.


In Mindfulness Meditation, the breath is used as an object of meditation, but we also observe where the mind goes when it wanders.  By doing this, we become familiar with common thought patterns.  We also notice any reactions to thoughts and emotions in our body. In this way, we develop the ability to see our habitual thinking patterns and habitual ways the body has of reacting.  This insight gives us the ability to step back from habitual thoughts, impulses and actions and to choose how to respond with awareness.